Day trip to Tangier with the Ferry Tarifa Tanger Tarifa
Ferry Tarifa Tanger

Ferry Tarifa - Day trip to Tangier € 110 p/p

Why take this trip? Why take this trip?

When you're staying in Tarifa you are so close to Africa that a day trip to Morocco is a must do activity. We recommend to take a (private) guide. Tangier is a city which some like, some dislike but all find it "interesting" to have seen.

The fast ferry Tarifa Tanger Tarifa The Trip

Within less then 35 min the comfortable fast ferry Tarifa will take you to Tangier. On board you are allowed to buy duty free articles but we recommend to do this on the return trip as otherwise you will be carrying the goods around all day.


What documents do you need What documents do you need

You will need a passport valid for at least 6 months. You shall have to fill in 2 custom-forms given out free of charge together with your tickets. We advise to fill in both forms while waiting to get onto the ferry. You will be asked to hand in the white form while having your passport stamped at the Police control on the ferry. Keep the yellow form until your return. Remember to bring a pen and your passport. No visa is required for E.U citizens, for a stay not exceeding 3 months. No vaccination is needed for travellers coming from Europe.

What will you see on this trip What will you see on this trip

After you arrive in the port with the ferry Tarifa the tour of Tangier will start with a visit around the periphery and a visit of the new city and the medina (old town).

After driving through the main boulevards and the "Place de France", you pass the fashionable

CAPE SPARTEL - The Lighthouse on the Northern most point of Africa residential districts of "Marché aux Boeufs" and "California"; thence along the new mountain road with its magnificent villas and lovely gardens.

The drive continues to the famous lighthouse of CAPE SPARTEL - The Lighthouse on the Northern most point of Africa - where a brief halt is made to admire the magnificent view of the Straits of Gibraltar from the farthest westerly point of the African continent.


A stop for an included Camel Ride - if you are up for it! - and onto the CAVES of HERCULES where for centuries the tribe that owns the caves has been scooping out millstones to grind wheat and olives.

Afterwards, you drive to the Kasbah for included lunch in an authentic Moroccan restaurant where you will be served superb Moroccan cuisine and partake in the customary mint tea and pastries, all while being entertained by musicians.


The continuation of the tour will take you walking to visit the Kasbah with its Sultan's Palace, a magnificent example of Moorish architecture, the Old Treasury and the Museum which contains fine specimens of Moroccan art. Then follows an interesting stroll through the picturesque winding streets and souks of the Medina, to visit the MENDOUBIA GARDENS, the GRAND SOCCO, the PETIT SOCCO, the Jewish Quarter, and the Berber handicraft and spice markets…


The price per person The price per person for the tour with private guide Said

Price per person: € 110

The tour includes:
Return ticket fast ferry Tarifa Tangier TarifaReturn ticket fast ferry Tarifa Tanger Tarifa

The guideA private guide
The transportThe transport

Not included:
Drinks Drinks

ShoppingShopping and duty free shopping on the ferry Tarifa
Lunch in a typical Morrocan restaurantLunch in a typical Morrocan restaurant


Before choosing the day trip above, make sure to have read what Zoë (writer of Tarifa inside out and round about - by an insider) says about the recommended guide.

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The price per person What do people say who have taken the day trip with private guide Said


Martina. We had great day in Tangiers with Said. He was the perfect guide for us. Thank you for making the arrangements. Everything went very smoothly.

There was moment at the very end that was puzzling. Said walked us through passports and all the way to the ferry and we said goodbye. As he was walking away we were alone with the ticket checker. He looked at our tickets very seriously and shook his head no. Then he pointed to the time on the ticket and seemed indicate that we had missed our ferry time. Said was still in range, so I called to him and as soon as I did the attendant was all smiles and let us pass by. We waved OK to Said and entered the ferry.

It was odd and made me wonder why he was causing a problem and what if ...

Just thought I would share that.

Once again everything during the day was wonderful.

Gracias, Greg

Hi Martina
We Had a great time, Money well spent like never before.
We were Most satisfied with Mr Saids guiding and his pleasant ways. He took it easy on us just the Way we asked for. Everything Else went just As smoothly.
Thank you for organising this memorable Day perfectly.


Von meinem iPod gesendet

on 01.08.2012 at 20:33 "Tarifa Holidays" wrote:

Dear Joerg,

Hoping you had a good day yesterday with Said in Tangier.

You must have had an smooth crossing as there was little wind.

I wish you a very good summer,

Kind regards,

Tarifa Holidays

Martina, We are just back from 2 days in Tangiers and Gibraltar and wanted to say how much we enjoyed our time in Tangiers with Said. He was a pleasure to know and the tour was incredible. The camel ride was a highlight as well as the lunch. Wow, what a lunch. I never saw so much food for one lunch. It was amazing. The tour through the Kasbah and the Medina was fantastic. I know we saw things most tourists do not get to see. Thank you for all your help in making that day one we will always remember. We leave Salobrena tomorrow to return to Madrid and then fly home on Sunday. This has been a great trip and you helped make it that way.

Rick Collins and Family

Hello Martina.

I just wanted to give you some follow-up on my trip to Tanger with Said as my guide. It was such a great day. I can't say enough good things about Said, he was so knowledgable about the area and history of the area and Morocco in general. The trip was well worth the time, effort and money. Thank you so much and please tell Said how great I think he is.

Elizabeth Newman.

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to give you some follow-up, I just got back from the trip. Thanks again.

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Hi Martina,

The trip was great. We had a great time thanks to Said.

We will recommend you to all our friends.

Thanks for everything.


On Aug 23, 2011, at 17:18 , Tarifa Holidays wrote:

Dear Richard,

I hope you and the boys had a good time in Tangier yesterday and that everything went smooth with the ferry.

Kind regards,

Tarifa Holidays

Check availability Tarifa Apartment Zagora

Hi Martina:

Thank-you again from all 11 of us for your help in arranging our tour. Said is a very good guide and we really enjoyed ourselves.



Brian Kieley

On August 03, 2011, at 9:48 PM, Tarifa Holidays wrote:

Hi there, i hope you all had a good day. The view this afternoon was just fantastic....
Have a good trip back.

All the best,


The day was absolutely amazing and everyone had an unbelievable time.

Thanks so much.


On August 21, 2011, at 10:43 PM, Tarifa Holidays wrote:

Dear Tim,

Good morning.
Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday in Tangier. Sorry i missed your call. I wasn't able to ring back as there was no number on the display and didn't see your email until much later.
Said explained re tickets and that the spanish port needs to make a phone call to Tangier for confirmation.
Sorry it's the first time we have used the Comarit so i wasn't exactly sure about their procedures. Hope it didn't disturb the rest of the journey. Did the kids enjoy it as well?

I wish you a good continuation of your holidays in Tarifa,

kind regards,

Tarifa Holidays

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